Two Songs have been haunting me today: “On the Willows…” from Godspell and “Softly and Tenderly”. I’ve been contemplating their message all morning.

“On the Willows…” echoes the words of Psalm 137. It’s a song of lament; of crying out for the joy of heart song fully knowing that one must be present in one’s heart to sing heart song. Alternately the words “come home, come home, ye who are weary come home…softly and tenderly Jesus is calling…” waft through my awareness. It occurs to me that over the last 6 weeks many people have done just that. Natural disasters in Haiti, Portugal, France and Chili have provided an opportunity for many to go home.

I ponder the increased frequency of earthquakes. The pressure these days is building exponentially with the crash of global markets and the loss or resources. Those who still have jobs feel constant pressure as they are pushed to do more with less. We’ve never done it that way is the mantra of those used to excess, while those who “remember the days” say it most certainly can be done. World wide, countries strive to become more competitive while protecting their assets. Terrorism vs. Imperialism reigns rampant. Is it any wonder the pressure in the earth is building as well? For those who are energy sensitive sometimes the pressure is unnerving. I’ve felt so often as if I’ve become somehow smaller and smaller; sometimes ready to implode from the pressure on all sides. I miss the times of expansion and have to remind myself to take the time to breathe and allow myself to expand. I wonder sometimes if there is some great cosmic magnetic force at play here or if this is simply our own creation. “Both” is always the resounding answer.

Yesterday while leading a group in prayer I found myself saying that mother earth is excited and struggling to contain her exuberance. I asked the group to use the energy brought in by The Great Invocation to send her soothing energy. I meditated on that thought today and this is what I received:

Our Blessed planet is being top heavy. It stands to be said the ones who hold her dear feel her pressure building, growing, taking hold of us without intent. Top heavy, it means that one portion is being pulled downward into the place of grief while another is being lifted up to the light. Growth only occurs in this manner. Find it in your mind…let it be given. Treat the world with love. Breathe. Find her. It began as a dream. It fills up the space, taken to the degree of life. Suppose you find out that your mother is very ill, very tired. You will hold her in your arms and caress her. She is your mother. Find that compassion for your planet. It holds you in its arms daily and caresses you. Give her your light. It will benefit her and you. Today you understand this. It fills you. It is this day, always.

We are taught that when we write there must be a concluding paragraph that restates the major point of the effort and brings the piece to a close. I struggle here to find a conclusion. It is elusive, as though there is no ending. Humorously the words “no beginning either, it’s a circle” bubble through my mind. I leave you instead with a blessing.

Be still, and know

It's Candlemass

I love the way the universe works.

I've learned that Candlemass or Imbolg if you follow the Celtic whee,l is a special time for me. Around that time things happen. Period. God, and my spirit, gets my attention. Maybe it's because I'm a fire sign or maybe it’s a past life memory. Maybe I'm just sensitive to changing energies. Maybe it's special to everyone and they don't notice, or don't share.

A few weeks ago I realized I had to work on Feb. 2. I briefly considered taking a vacation day but decided it was silly to use up a vacation day just because it was Candlemass. Although I'd always prefer to spend that day quietly I figured I might as well work a double and cover for a friend on 2nd shift who wanted off. Shortly afterward that same friend asked me to go to NYC with her on Feb. 2. I reminded her that I was covering her shift and she told me that someone else was working it. I figured what the heck...and took vacation. I wouldn't necessarily be having a quiet day...but I'd be outdoors much of it and choosing some beautiful beads from the bead shops…and I love NYC. Many find it a dark place but I find it a city of light.

Things have changed, quickly!

Now Jeff's dad is in the hospital. I was concerned that I shouldn't be leaving town for the day and wondered if I should cancel. It turns out that my friend is not feeling well and wants to postpone our trip. I am not going to NY and I am not going to be working because I took a vacation day to go to NYC! I will have my quiet and brightly reflective day after all.

I love the way the universe works!

Gut Check, or ...Whose Feelings Are These Anyway?

This morning I was reading Alan Boyle's Look Ahead with 2020 Vision. In his discourse on advances we can look forward to (or not) in science and medicine he talks about the human microbiome. This microbiome is the community of microbes that makes your body their home. If you've studied even a little bit of biology or natural health you know that the microbes in your gut help you to digest and absorb food. They work symbiotically with your body to do a number of important tasks. This little community is small in physical size but huge in numbers. Think whoville here and you'll get the picture. It seems that scientists are also wondering if there may be some troublemakers in this whoville causing things like diabetes, obesity and autoimmune disorders.

Unsurprisingly the idea of a microbiome, or in layman’s terms an entire universe, living within my body set off a series of rapid fire thoughts, all of which require a lot more thought.

The idea of universe within universes isn’t a new one. Dr Seuss actually didn’t dream that one up. I’ve read about it many times in various theological, esoteric and metaphysical works. I’m being deliberately vague because I don’t want to go in search of supporting arguments. Let’s just say it’s out there and if you want to look for it you can read The Knowledge Book and The Keys of Enoch and much, much older texts for yourself.

So, anyway, here it is. A universe within a universe and it all interacts. I know that all life has consciousness. I actually think that everything is alive, so it’s possible, if debatable, that everything has consciousness. When someone says you have the consciousness of a doorknob that might just be a compliment. Think about how long a doorknob has to just “be”. I guess it depends on how expansive its consciousness is. I am moving away from the subject though, I did tell you I was thoughtful today. It’s amazing what a few days of being sick, fasting and being quiet can do. I’ll try to get back on track now…

I know that a sentient being can sense the feelings and emotions of other sentient beings. I know that because of this sensitivity the feelings and emotions, and intentions of one being can affect those of another being. Heck if that being isn’t very sure of exactly who they are and where their boundaries are they might even believe those feelings are their own. I know that when the feelings, emotions and intentions of a group are focused they can affect outcomes involving a larger, less focused group. If we believe the channeled messages from other species of other worlds…or universes…we know that what happens on one planet can affect what beings on another planet feel and experience.

Now shrink this down and look at in reverse. Can we consider the individuals in our microbiome to be sentient? If they are it would make sense that their thoughts affect our own well being. To take it a step farther, do our thoughts affect their well being? If they do, then does the combination of thoughts cause both beings to become defensive throwing off homeostasis? Yes, I know that’s a big word, it basically means balance, and it’s actually my word for today since that’s what my body’s been trying to achieve for the last three days. It’s the goal of all body systems you know, to achieve homeostasis. Yes, I know I’m straying a bit again, but it is related, if you look at the big picture. The earth tries to maintain homeostasis, why do you thing there’s earthquakes and volcanoes? It’s probably the goal of all universes to maintain homeostasis.

Looking back to the microbiome I do remember long ago a woman who owned a health food store in Riegelsville talking about the mentality of yeast. She explained that yeast can have a “give me more, I want more now” impatient, angry attitude. When there is an overgrowth of yeast in a person the person can take on those characteristics, especially when it comes to sweetness. Diabetic people often have an overgrowth of yeast. According to a natural healing book I once read diabetics also tend to believe they are missing out on the sweetness of life. So, I wonder, is there a relationship between the microbiome and the human being here. If there is, which imbalance came first?

I do have one more thought here. Well, ok, there are many more thoughts but I have to take the cat to the vet in an effort to maintain her homeostasis. Since I’ll have to stop soon this is as good a place as any. Besides, I can always add more later!

Here is my last thought for now. I wonder we should consider these as universe within universe of if it’s all just one huge organism. Currently we believe we are an organism, a sentient being with an organ system and a microbiome inside. There is some talk about our organs being sentient, having a consciousness of their own. Maybe we are simply part of the microbiome of one ginormous (it is too a word, don’t listen to the spell checker) organism with planets and stars as organs. One that’s constantly trying to maintain homeostasis.

Ok, I’m done thinking for now…here kitty kitty…

Everyday Magick

Can everyday people do magic or do you have to be descended from
some line of witches and wizards to do magic? Balderdash! Anyone
who wants can do magic. Magic is, in fact, the birthright of
every planetary citizen, and that means you! If you're new to
magic or you want to learn more about the magical arts, one of
the best ways to get started is to do daily magic. Daily magic is
the practice of simple rituals everyday to enhance your life. It
can easily become a part of your daily routine, like doing yoga
or drinking coffee.

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Shortly after midnight on New Years Day Reverend Isabelle asked for predictions for the New Year. She was specific. “The first thing that comes to you, don’t think about it, what’s there?” Everyone had specific scenarios to list. As usual, I had a word, that’s it.

“More.” The only word that was present when I asked spirit for information regarding the coming year. In the following days the word often came to me. I’d do something in excess and spirit would whisper “more.” I’d wonder

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